CTF.Zone builds and organizes CTF (Capture The Flag) Hacking competitions for educational, recruitment and training purposes. We can provide challenges in (but not limited to) reverse engineering, exploiting, forensics, incident response, malware reversing, web application security, network analysis, lock-picking and other real-life challenges. Branded and onsite CTFs are possible.

About CTF.zone

CTF.Zone was created to provide CTF experiences to anyone who is interested. The group of people behind CTF.Zone consist of multiple security professionals who all have over 15 years of professional experience in the IT security field.

Multiple people behind CTF.Zone are part of the Eindbazen CTF team which has been playing CTF games in the highest regions of CTF competitions, this includes claiming the overall 3 rd place on CTFTime in 2012 and 2013, and they further won the prestigious PHDays CTF final in Moscow in 2013. The people behind CTF.Zone also played with the Jobless Hackers CTF team which won the European title of the Global CyberLympics in 2016 and managed to take the second place in the global finals the same year. One of the people behind CTF.Zone further was part of the Hack.ERS team which won the Global CyberLympics in 2012, 2013 and the second place in 2014.

CTF.Zone has been responsible for organizing ebCTF in 2013 which was part of the OHM2013 hackerevent, and the official SHA2017 hackerevent CTF in 2017 besides multiple private CTF events.